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Lindsey, Youngsville

Dennis and Diana with Blackwater Creek Estate Sales are AMAZING! They managed our estate sale for our recent move and did a fantastic job. Our goal was to be able to just walk away and come back to an empty house, and that’s exactly what they allowed us to do. The entire experience was completely stress-free. We were able to give input where we desired, but otherwise trusted them to use their discretion. We had a decent-sized estate and were blown away with how successful the sale was - they sold just about everything and definitely exceeded our expectations. They are very fair, honest, and professional; the type of people you can trust handling your belongings. Thank you so much Dennis and Diana!


Zibi, Apex

What a great company. Blackwater Creek Estate Sales has it all: simple process, great service and extra help when needed. We enjoyed working with Diana and Dennis. They are very nice, professional and trustworthy folks. They ensured all is setup properly, always on time and run weekend sale with precision. They also helped us with donation, sending in people to pack clothing and take away items. We are ready for our out of state move and we can't thank them enough!


Brian Hardbarger

Great sales good prices!

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